The original wheels that came with the car, in my opinion, were not great looking as they looked small and had huge gaps in the wheel arch, so I decided to get them changed and at the same time get the car lowered a bit to remove the big space between the wheel and the arch. I am not an off-roader so this car will not need a lot of clearance in the arches.

The Stock Wheels

The stock wheels that come with the R5 are: 235/65 R17 108V(Tubeless)

The pitch circle diameter (PCD) is: 5 x 120.

The PCD is important because the earlier models of Treg have a different PCD than the newer versions, so basically you cannot simply swap wheels between them.

See what is PCD here.

So when changing wheels you need to be careful which PCD arrangement you get otherwise you won’t be able to fit those sexy custom rims you have your eye on.

The New Wheels

I was considering putting Victor Zhen alloys as I had seen them on another US-based Treg however they are very expensive here in the EU so finally settled on a set of MAK Birmingham Gloss Black.

Link to MAK Wheels here.

Link to Victor Zehns here


Initially, I went with some cheap Nankang 275/40/20 but had 2 punctures in one week, one on the passenger front and then a few days later on the passenger rear.

I replaced all 4 tyres with Michelins and had no issues since.

OEM Wheel Size Information for the Touareg R5

The table below is courtesy of