Most years we go on holiday towards the end of August and beginning of September, and this trip can be 1,600km’s round trip,  so this year I decided to take our bikes with us.

I shopped around and in the end, settled on a Thule VeloCompact 927 which supports up to 3 bikes.

Not cheap. This was €493.95 inc taxes.

Also, my car did not have a tow bar so had to fork out another €600 for that. Ouch! Read more about the tow bar story here.


I was really surprised by the stability of this rack. I have a huge adult electric mountain bike which is very heavy + an adult mountain bike + my sone smaller child mountain.

Even at 150km over bumps, this was rock solid.

Every time we went over a bump I would look back to make sure that the rack was still attached, but it was stilll there and solid as a rock.

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