The standard radio unit that came with the car was not great, although the speakers in the car are very good quality, with lower bass tones they tend to start to rattle.

So after switching out the old radio for a Dynavin N7 Pro I made the added decision to install a subwoofer in the rear and went with a custom fitting unit that sits behind the left rear wheel well.

I decided to go with an enclosure pre-made by Dynavin and specifically for the 2003-2010 Touareg.

Covered in Leather
The original enclosure comes with a horrible rough grey covering so I had it covered in the same cream leather I used to cover my seats.

Mosconi Gladen One 130.2

Gladen RS08 Subwoofer

Custom Enclosure

Parts and Installation Costs

Mosconi AMP: €269
Gladen Sub Woofer: €69
Custom Enclosure: €160
20mm, 5mtrs cables: €45
Installation: €650
Total Cost: €1,193