Woohoo! New steering wheel was bought in October 2021 to replace the old standard-issue Touareg steering wheel.

This one has a nice leather and rubber finish with tailored grips.

Originally I was simply going to get mine re-covered with new leather but it meant that the car would be out of action for about a week.

So I went onto eBay to see if I could pick up a second-hand replacement which I would give to the leather guys and they would swap out the steering wheel giving me only a few hours of downtime…but… I stumbled across this little beauty on ebay.

The seller is in Germany, the delivery time is a little slow, had to wait nearly 4 weeks) but the quality of the steering wheel is really really good.

I bought the steering wheel from ebay

Here is the listing/purchase from my account.

Link to the buyer is here: https://www.ebay.es/usr/autofun-extreme_team – ( they have 100% positive feedback and ALOT of sales)

Link to my steering wheel is here: https://www.ebay.es/itm/165054945661

Here is the unboxing (kind of) of the steering wheel)

I had just received it an hour before and it’s wonderful looking. I will be posting some pictures of a video of the steering wheel installed.

Here is the steering wheel installed

It’s so comfortable and smooth it’s easy to forget you are driving a 2.5-tonne tank.