I just received my delivery from Stahlbus in Germany for my new Oil Change Valve for my Touareg.

– Oil Drain Valve – €31.05
– Oil Drain Valve Tool – €22.65
– Racing Dust Cap – €9.24

Total: €62.94

As I like to drain my oil frequently, it will save me a lot of time by removing the work of swapping out the oil drain plug each time I do the oil change.

Also, as you don’t need to buy a new plug/bolt each time you change the oil, you save on the parts as it’s recommended to put a new bolt each time. These can cost between €5-€10 for each oil change so over time the Stahbus pays for itself.

Get them here: https://www.stahlbus.com/info/en/

The images below provides a great example of WHY you a Stahblus oil change valve will come in handy.

What a goddam mess!