Damn Damn, Sh*t,  F*ck, Sigh, I’m an idiot.

I tried to squeeze into a narrow parking space in an underground parking garage on a crisp October morning and as I was getting out of the space I managed to scratch the side of my beast against another damn car (a Tiguan) that had parked poorly.

So I got some damage on the passenger rear door, a very deep cut and a very slight scratch on the passenger front door and you know what that means.

LUCKY FOR ME, I have full (but expensive) insurance cover with a very small excess so am covered, but I am still annoyed at the bad parking by the other driver.

Looks like the rear door skin will need to be replaced and some filler work on the front door.

According to the VW Coachworks, the cost to fix will be €1,350, but it’s covered by my insurer so not too much out of pocket at least.

Click image to enlarge. 

My insurance company covered the cost of repairs at a Volkswagen dealer.

Cost to insurance company: €1,250