This is more about restoration than customisation and is an ongoing story in a few parts.

The leather, in general in this car, when I bought it in November 2020, on surface appearance was “okay”, however upon very close inspection we found the front seats were coming away at the seams and the rear seats were displaying seams issues.

Although the leather itself, was in generally good condition, the leather was very dry so not very practical to restitch.

So, I have had the front and rear seats recovered with soft, supple beige leather.

Pros of Changing Leather

– Seats look brand new.
– Very, very comfortable.
– Increase resale value of car.

Cons of Changing Leather

– Expensive (think around €1,500+)
– Seats have to be removed.
– Takes a couple of weeks.


Find a local breakers yard and buy a second set of seats so that when the seats are removed for recovering, you can install the second set and not be without a car for two weeks. I picked up a full set of seats for €200 and used those whilst waiting for my new seats. Sure, the ones I found were grey but it was only for a short time.