I looked at many options for the head unit from cheap android head units to pricey Alpine but finally settled on the Dynavin N7 Pro, which made for easy installation and configuration with a reverse camera. I also installed a custom subwoofer in the rear.

Link to Spanish site with Dynavin Specs

Important Observations when buying Dynavin

  1. With the Dynavin you get to keep the steering wheel volume controls. With many of the cheaper androids, you lose that function.
  2. This is not a cheap unit. After you have added the rear camera and installation, this can run to over €1,000.
  3. The navigation module is pure shit. However, the car play google maps makes up for it.
  4. If your Treg comes with a built in amp, then this is compatible and connects no issues.
  5. This unit allows for an external subwoofer with subwoofer controls, so if you add a subwoofer you can control it separately.