A little bit about the type of oil you need to use and why

Regarding the R5, there is ALOT of conflicting information about which type of oil to use.

See below the screenshot from my local dealer confirming the oil is 506.01, then read the update on 31/3 below.

(you can click the image to enlarge it)

VW now recommends the later 507:00 Long Life oil for VW Group diesels with the exception of the pre 2006 manufactured (not registration date) R5 and V10 engines which must continue to use 506.01.

Update on 31/3/2022 regarding the oil.

VW does not actually produce 0W-30 506.01 “anymore” as I asked at my local VW dealer parts department, so what they do is recommend 504:00/507:00 and they will say “it’s fine as its 0W-30”, but actually it’s not fine for the older Touaregs, especially the R5 and V10’s.

Below is a list of 506:01 variants of 0W-30 that you can use on the older R5 and V10’s.