I am based in Spain and it gets pretty hot here (up to 50c) so was looking around for a decent sun shield for my Touareg.

A lot of the general/cheaper ones just did not fit “right” and looked downright horrible.

custom windshield sunscreen for Touareg

So I searched around on the web and found a company in the USA that makes ones specially for Touaregs and they fit perfect.

They are called Armstrong Distributors USA and their website is www.armstrongdistributors.com

I can’t recall the exact pricing but it was not a lot, I think it was $48.50 + $15 for the gold version.

TIP: Email them before you buy.

They do deliver to the EU if you email them directly. I paid $65 delivery with DHL but the shade was here in Spain within 3 days.

Below is the direct link on their website (however if you want the gold one, email them direct)

Touareg sun shade