When I bought the car back in November 2020, the interior buttons were a bit messy due to a known fault in the production and design of the Toureag rubber-coated buttons, known in Touareg owners circles as the “Peeling Buttons Problem”.

The cause of the peeling buttons is a very thin layer of rubber added to the production of these parts which after prolonged use, simply deteriorate and fade off as shown in the picture below.

VW did offer replacements under warranty and also extended the warranty by 12 months to those affected.

The issue was fixed with the 2005+ models.

This is what my console buttons looked like BEFORE I replaced everything

As you can see the buttons are faded and look a real mess.

What I replaced in the interior front of the Touareg

Everything* listed below was bought from a dealership ie OEM, brand new so was expensive but the quality is perfect.

*The ONLY item I DID NOT BUY OEM, was the A/C unit which I picked up for €150 from Ebay, everything else though. OEM. IE: expensive.

Yes, you can buy secondhand parts from eBay and aliexpress or a local scrap yard, but 99% of the time, the items are not new or in poor condition or are in relatively ok condition, but are the old rubber-coated version so will deteriorate anyway at some point.


With the steering wheel buttons, you have to disconnect the airbag before removing the steering wheel otherwise the airbag will deploy. This can be properly dangerous. Take the car to an authorised mechanic to avoid injury.

Replacement Costs

Steering Wheel Buttons: €225 (right and left)
Air Vents: €650
Hazard Light: €50
Air Bag Warning: €120
Heated Seats: €175
A/C Unit: €150 (ebay)
ABS button: €125
Folding Mirrors: €125
Total Cost: €1,620